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International Calling Rates

Destination USD / minute
Bangladesh Mobile $0.040
Bangladesh Landline $0.040
India Mobile $0.013
Pakistan All Phones $0.055
UK Landlines $0.008
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We use the highest quality connections to give you the best service. You will feel like your family or friend is down the street from you. It's that good.

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You will only pay for the time you talk for. No behind the back charges, no hidden fees, no extra rates and no expiration dates. Talk the rate.

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Get all the features in one service. We provide the cheapest VoIP prices, Pinless dialing, Speed Dialing, PC to Phone, and huge array of other features.

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Free Calls to US and UK Landline

Happy Holidays! To celebrate this time of the year, we are giving free calls to US and UK landlines! This is in effect from Dec 20, 2010 to Jan 1, 2011. It is open for all existing and new customers. So start talking with your loved ones and share the joy. You can check out [...]

Register Your Account with Facebook

We have added a new feature that now allows you to register your account with your Facebook credentials. This is only for new customers. This feature will allow for faster registration and less form-filling. uVOIPit is growing very fast and we are happy to serve you in every way. Soon we will be launching some [...]

Call from PC to Phone at Almost No Cost

You find more and more people who call from PC to phone to connect and communicate with their family and friends in different parts of the world. The innovations in internet technology have resulted in the creation of one of the most important tools used in connecting people from all over the world. Today, PCs [...]

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